Here’s the thing

Life…is pretty cool sometimes.

Life…is also pretty uncool.

We have our joys and grievances, and most of it is just a big fucking mess of trying to hold on while being pushed and pulled in every direction all at once. Anyone who tells you that their life is a breeze is either lying to your face or has simply discovered the ancient and most holy secret of not giving a fuck.

Sadly, I give fucks. Perhaps too many.

Thus, this Blog!

This here space, this site, on which you’re reading this here text, is going to be my current platform for yelling at the skies without being kicked out of my apartment for noice complaints. Consider this a soap box, an open mic, a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

My brain-space.

In which another trans-life is shared and lived and evaluated.
I have the biggest fucking dreams you ever saw. This is a step towards making them real.

I am Maia, and I have something to say.